Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Feeling Of Loneliness

Have you ever felt this damn feeling?
Feels like it just only YOU here in this big whole wide world that is full with hipocrit peoples.
They really good in ACTING NICE,seems like they CARE so much about you but actually they dont.
They just CARR about your POPULARITY,your MONEY,your KINDNESS to them.
They always be there in our HAPPY TIMEs,
BUT. . . .

When we sick,sad,crying here all alone,
No! Nobody came to share the pain with you,nobody even talk to you even you facing with death.
It just you with this damn feeling.
Its hurt to be that way,its hurt to know that nobody's care about you.
Sometimes,i ask myself..
" Would they even care if i die?"
" And should i die now?"

But SUICIDE is the stupidest thing to do.
U will just been throw to the HELL by God because not appreciating the life that HE gave.
U wont get anything by doing tat fuck thing!
so,i wont KILL MYSELF :')

I just hope that this feeling of loneliness go away.
I just hope there someone who i can count on,someone that can be there when im sick,sad & lonely :(
I just hope,hope & hope but it just hopeless guys.
Right here waiting all alone T^T
Right here facing the death alone T^T


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